SEO Strategies and Why It’s Something Every Business Needs

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a technique used to boost a website’s rankings in search engine pages. The technique is composed of different processes. For every business and website need, a different approach and varying set of strategies are very essential.

A professional SEO Company can easily help any business achieve their goals. Hence, it’s essential to choose properly.

Apart from the obvious benefit of increasing traffic and increasing the rankings, you’ll also be able to experience other advantages when SEO efforts are done properly.

Consumers search online before going to stores

This helps consumers who are searching for your products through online options, easily find you

What it entails:

  • According to research, some 71% or 94% of people compare prices and products from their online search before they go to a store or establishment.

 Better user experience

SEO allows users to have ease and comfort when using the website on both desktop and mobile interfaces. More comfortable user experience translates to higher conversion rates and ultimately an increase in brand loyalty and trust

What it entails:

  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Low bounce rates
  • Great integration of highly relevant photos and videos

SEO Company

Organic user search accounts for 64% of overall website visits

While social media seems to be one of the biggest factors how a user visits the website, organic search is still one of the most critical means in driving traffic to websites as indicated by a specific survey

What it entails:

  • Compared to other traffic-driving strategies and options, using SEO to derive organic search is still the best option

Local search ranking means increased sales and website visits

Local businesses must make it a point to optimize their website for the local searches

What it entails:

  • More users use local search queries to decide on which businesses to go for
  • Specific location and directions are often used
  • Most consumers searching on their mobile for a specific establishment is highly likely to visit it right away, generating more sales

SEO is the most effective strategy for digital marketing

What it entails:

  • 66% of the marketers using SEO as part of their strategies found it really effective
  • Only 7% had the opposite opinion regarding the use of SEO

SEO helps increase brand credibility

If your rank on search engine pages is high, consumers will view your site and entire company as one of the biggest in the industry

  • There’s a chance, however, that being ranked on the 3rd page will have the opposite impact. This might make others assume you don’t have the capacity to rank higher

Higher closed rates compared to other outbound lead initiative

An optimized webpage can easily rank and therefore will easily be seen when a user tries to search for a specific brand or product

What it entails:

  • Compared to outbound marketing strategies and efforts (1.7% closing rate), SEO has a higher closing rate of 14.6%
  • Most outbound marketing strategies often result in cold leads

SEO is a higher source of leads

A lead can bring potential business (whether it’s traffic, buzz, or revenue) to the entire company by using the website

What it entails:

  • Marketing professionals recognize SEO as the main lead source