Empowering Education With Bashir Dawood

Education is ofutmost importance in the world. Rather than being simply literate, being educated in any field makes the person strong in the sector. But the world scenario still depicts situations where people are deprived of this valuable resource.

Education Help
There are several methods through which the expanse of education can be increased. The government of the country can focus on the education laws and the implementation of various methods to make the resources reach all. There is the Right To Education Act, reforms, and govt. school schemes encouraging the children to avail them.

Industries Contribution
The companies can effectively contribute to infrastructure and resources. In several countries, the industries and well-established companies have taken measures to spread education.

Distant learning apps and online teaching sources are a good example. Children don’t have the obligation to attend schools but can get educated. Companies also provide funds, technologies, and gadgets for effective and interactive learning. Practical and latest gadgets make it easy to understand and grasp the topic.

Individual Help
Celebrated educators and philanthropists also individually contribute to the development of the resources and the traditional methods for effective results. One of the examples of such contribution is that of Bashir Dawood, who has helped in the reform of teaching in Aga Khan University Hospital. He has successfully helped with modern equipment usage, and now the college also has practical implementations of the theory taught.

Thus, all these efforts should be recognized and praised for their endless support for the economy’s welfare and development.