How high should mount a coat rack on the wall?

It does not matter how high you hang it, even the coat rack without anything hanging from it hooks might be a substantial intention. The flat piece or backing board that holds the entire hooks on a device needs strong support on the wall that is hangs. Otherwise, the coat rack might come crashing down.

If available, you can safer the structure to wall studs for utmost safety and no matter, how much bulk coats hang from a rack. If the stud is not available, you just want to install minimum a couple of strong wall anchors or more, if the rack is specifically over two feet length. You should also select the anchors rated for bulk tons to assure the racks remain placed even below a load. Before doing so, you must be know how high to hang a wall coat rack accurately.

Simple steps to mount a coat rack on the wall

The process of mounting your coat rack will be completely based on design of your coat rack. Below are simple steps to follow that guide you the usage of coat rack:

  • Initially, you can measure the distance of a coat rack from ground with measuring tape. The suggested height is five inches, but you can change it based on the people height living in your house.
  • Measure the distance of mounting holes on a coat rack against your wall and then mark those holes with the vertical mark by using pencil.
  • By using level, you can put a couple of horizontal markets on the top of hole marks. This would make plus mark on your wall.
  • Drill holes into the wall with plus marks by using a drill.
  • Hammer your anchors or studs into every hole.
  • Line up the holes of coat rack contrary to anchors and safe it by puncturing two inches wood screws into every anchor.