Buy Your Own Dream Home at San Antonio

If you’re tired of living in a rented apartment, then why don’t you buy your own home? Yes, you heard it right. Wondering how this is possible? Here, at rent to own homes, your dream of owning a house at San Antonio becomes true. They offer a great opportunity of buying the house as per your requirement and budget. On this platform, you will find your dream house and live in that home as soon as possible. The Berkshire Hathaway started the program to help many people in Texas buy their dream home.

The procedure for buying the home at San Antonio with the help of rent to own homes is straightforward and easy. During the whole procedure, their realtor, Ray McCurty, stays with you for the whole time of purchasing the home. He will guide you in buying the perfect home for you, and he has a great experience in real estate. Ray McCurty loves to share his knowledge about real estate with their clients and gives them the best advice about purchasing a home.

rent to own homes

For buying your dream house, the procedure of rent to own homes is first you have to visit the office and meet with Ray McCurty, their realtor. After that, he diagnoses your situation and decides whether you’re suitable for this program or not. Once he approves, you have to fill the application form of a lease of the house. Once your application has been approved, you can find your dream house by yourself, or you can take the help from Ray McCurty. Then you have to sign the agreement that says the house will belong to the owner of the house and you can buy that home at the end of the pre-arranged time on a fixed amount. Before buying the house, you have to give surety to the company by making the down payment and 1 year of financial commitment.

The purchase partner of Ray McCurty buys the home at San Antonio on your behalf and rents it to you. After that, you will be given 3 years to pay the full amount of the home in installments. With this offer, purchasing a house has never been easier.So, what are you waiting for? Makea callto 1.210.850.0083 and discuss your dream of buying home with Ray McCurty. It doesn’t matter whether you have bad credit or no credit, he will help you in finding your dream home. The rent to own homes is a reliable program for those who want to buy their dream home at San Antonio.