Handmade products for your baby

It is often said that being with a baby or small children takes away the problems and makes us happy. Indeed, it is true. Babies are the most precious and beautiful creation in the world. Their world very different and it sometimes surprises us to see their care-free lives. Even though there are many things to adore in babies, taking care of them is like holding our lives in our hands. They are extremely sensitive and fragile that special needs are to be considered. There are several baby care products available in the market. Today, it has become difficult to choose as the firms use chemicals and other substances that might harm the baby. Thus, irrespective of what the needs are, it is always advisable to go for natural and trustable products. In this way, Zuri Rose & Co does the best job. They provide Moses basket which will be comfortable and safe for the infants. The whole team has especially talented people who are the masters in woven. Along with this, they also offer dog beds, changing pads, doll beds, and much more.

Handmade products for your baby

About the firm:

They are specialists in supplying 100% pure authentic African baskets. They focus their product line to be matching with the safety and security of the infants. Their promise to all families is that they provide their baskets free of chemicals and other irritants that might cause uneasiness to the babies. Almost all their products are made of elephant grass. The materials used give long-lasting sustainability and durability. Even the rich colors that we are able to see are dyed using natural components. For them, the satisfaction of the consumer is extremely important and thus they follow all the Consumer Products Safety Guidelines.

The products:

The firm is based in Ghana and the founders are keen on creating many opportunities to bring the place into the world’s view. The products are ranged from different prices and it is affordable. The main element of the way they work is;

  • Their baskets are hand-cut and stitched by experienced people. They believe in their staff and do not use any kind of cutting machine.
  • To the last minute details, everything is hand-woven.
  • There are no chemicals used and the natural process is carried on for color products.

The Moses baskets are extremely handy and can be carried from one place to another with ease. The babies will be comfortable sleeping on it and the basket also will make a good object for photography.