Razor spikes: a warning sign to discourage robbery

In recent times, burglaries have become increased. Everybody knows that special attention to the security of his house is very important but do you ever think about the garden that surrounds your place? A garden is not only a part of your home and is essential to make your house look good but it is also a direct passage lead to your actual house. So, not by securing it you allow vandals to a path right to your house. The most obvious and most secure way to prevent this is by installing wall spikes around your garden.

installing wall spikes

Products used for the safety of one’s fence

There are many products available in the market for the safety of your garden but here we are going to talk about the razor spikes. Your 8 feet tall wall will be more prone to cause damage to the intruders if you establish the wall spikes lying over it. The shape of these spikes is similar to that of the cactus as it has sharp spines on them. Due to the presence of four thorns in the spikes, they are also called “four corners nail” or “protective nail”.

The sizes of the spikes are different according to their purpose in use. They can be grouped into big, medium, and small size. The big and small size is mainly used in the military with the medium size being used for the wall protection in the factory, the airport, schools, and garden, and so on.

Custom types of the spikes

Apart from using the standard spikes, several custom spikes can be available to suit more applications and security grade.

  • According to the bottom shape of razor (wall) spikes, it can be divided into flat bottom razor spike and rotary razor spike.
  • According to the razor channel of wall spike, it can be grouped into “U” profile and “W” shape.


To summarize, it is extremely mandatory to have a secure garden if you wish to have a very safe home. In order to prevent the looters and make your place danger-free, you should install the wall spikes in your boundaries, or in your gates. Razor spikes can be of cheap prices, so it might not be a mere problem to deal with. Bear in mind that you can use your garden prior to protecting your house as a mote protects a castle.