The Sound Pressure Level Meter and You

If you’ve ever lived in an apartment complex, or in a college dorm for that matter, it’s almost a given that at some point, you’ve had to deal with noise neighbors. Loud footsteps, late night vacuuming sprees, noisy parties and of course, sound level meter calibration systems loud enough to break your windows. And while it is true that many people do realize and simply don’t care, some are honestly ignorant of the amount of noise they and their sound system are making.

Many people simply have no idea of how incredibly loud their home theater audio systems are or how much that level of noise can both distort sound and damage hearing. High-precision measurement instruments can be utterly expensive, insanely huge and annoyingly hard to find. Fortunately for the discerning domestic audiophile, there is a solution: a sound pressure level (SPL, for short) meter. This handy, portable, lightweight, easy to use and generally affordable measuring instrument can help you get the most out of your aural home entertainment experience.

An SPL meter is of a handy size, usually about six inches long and two inches wide, and it has a corresponding weight of about six ounces. But don’t let its size fool you-this little gizmo can be the answer to your home theater audio challenges.

So if you want to watch your movies with the surround sound turned up as high as possible, but you still want to be able to hear your friends twelve months from now, invest in one of these. Your ear drums and your neighbors will thank you.