Finding The Best Windows Dedicated Servers

Web Hosting

A service that allows an individual or a whole organization to post a web page or web site on the internet is known as web hosting. The business which provides the services of technologies required for a web page or web site to be visible on the internet is known as a web host. Servers are the special computers which host as well as store websites. To exist in the market in front of the big animals and compete with a similar one, there is a requirement of the best windows dedicated servers to plan for hosting a web site.

Various web hosting services

There is a lot of competition in the market and the same is with the web hosting service providers. There are different companies with different plans the challenge is to choose the right one at the right time. Although, the types of best windows dedicated servers include-

  • Shared web hosting service
  • Cloud-based web hosting service
  • Dedicated web server
  • Self- service web hosting
  • Managed word press hosting
  • Colocation web hosting
  • Virtual private server or VPS

Dedicated server

The dedicated server enables its user to install as well as run most of the programs with addition to that it also allows the users with access to connect with the server in the same period. One could easily find a cheap dedicated server to grow and expand the e-commerce and IT business within the country. The dedicated servers do not charge a lot and they are reliable too but their feature of multi-tenancy is a major attraction. The dedicated servers for gaming purposes also provide a similar feature as that of a regular one but they are considered to be non- serious pursuits in the corporate world.

It simply means, one IP address will be linked with websites of all the people that are sharing the portion, while that is not the case with VPS where you get dedicated IPs to host your websites individually. There are two types of VPS, Windows VPS, and Linux VPS.