How is a typical pen test carried out?

Penetration testing is a security exercise wherever cyber-security proficient attempts to find plus exploit vulnerabilities in a computer system. The purpose of this simulated attack is to recognize any weak spots in a system’s defenses that attackers might take advantage of. A penetration tester’s occupation is to reveal and document a security flaw.

pentest Singapore starts with a stage of reconnaissance, throughout which an ethical hacker spends time collecting data and info that they will use to plan their simulated attack. After that, the focus becomes gaining plus maintaining access to the target system, which needs a broad set of tools.

Tools for attack contain software designed to create brute-force attacks or SQL injections. There is moreover hardware specially designed for pen testing, for example, small inconspicuous boxes that could be plugged into a computer on the network to offer the hacker remote access toward that network. Additionally, an ethical hacker might use social engineering techniques to find vulnerabilities. For instance, sending phishing emails to company workers, or even disguising themselves as the delivery person to gain physical access to the building.

What occurs in the aftermath of a pen test?

After completing a pen test, the ethical hacker would share their result with the target company’s security group. This info can then be used to apply security upgrades to plug up any vulnerability revealed during the pentest Singapore. These upgrades could include rate limiting, new WAF rules, as well as DDoS mitigation, along with tighter form validations plus sanitization.