What are the best options to buy a truck?

What advantages and disadvantages does Renting or Leasing have? Is it better to work with brand finance companies or with our bank? Financing an asset as important as the truck becomes of decisive importance for transport companies. Click here to know about used trucks in sacramento.

Buy or rent?

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After choosing the most suitable vehicle configuration for the activity that we are going to carry out, the search for the best possible formula to finance the vehicle. And that, among other things, will depend on whether we choose the formula that best suits our company model.

With the arrival of new financial products, carriers have to choose, not only where to get financing, but also about something as basic (but as important at the same time) as whether or not to buy the truck.

Today the market offers us different formulas of “financing”, and we are going to stop at the usual three, such as linear FINANCING, that is, traditional installment sales, financial leasing, known as LEASING and non-financial leasing or RENTING. Visit this site for used trucks in sacramento.


It is a loan contract for the acquisition of a vehicle. Loans granted to the buyer are those for which a third party finances the buyer at most the purchase amount.

In the case of buying a truck, the customer buys the truckfrom the distributor and enters into a loan agreement with the financial institution to pay for the truck. This can be done by a company, a professional or an individual. It is important to note that the financier must be an entity authorized by the Bank, that is, banks, savings banks, rural savings banks and credit cooperatives or credit financial establishments, this category in which brand finance companies are included.


The financial lease or leasing can be defined as the contract that has the exclusive purpose of transferring the use of the vehicle, in exchange for the periodic payment of fees. A fundamental aspect, included in this leasing formula, is that the assets transferred will have to be linked to an economic activity.


Non-financial leasing operations, commonly called renting or rental, are those medium and long-term vehicle rental contracts by which the lessee agrees to pay a periodic fixed rent – normally monthly or quarterly – during the term of the contract.

These were the most common types of financing for vehicles. We hope now you can decide what is the best option for you.