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 This has come up in the form of being Hyundai’s first luxury type model, which can also fall in the category of the midsize Genesis sedan, as well as coming up in the form of the separate brand Genesis which was later the best in the name of Houston Genesis G80. This is also a need to go well with the G80 Sports model, that can actually have a start to $55,250 which can also work a lot with the rear-drive version. This can also range up to  $57,750 which can totally work for the all-wheel-drive model. This can lap give as the G80 Sport which can also be the best one which can new 3.3-litre.

Fuel efficiency with the vehicles

There is a support with the twin-turbo V-6 engine, 365 horsepower as well as the 376 foot-pounds torque which can be something that can work on the basis of the premium fuel. However, one needs to mark that the performance gets slightly less when it is compared to that of the regular gas. the Sport comes can be the best in terms of the eight-speed transmission. But the Sport also gets some unique sport-performance modifications, along with exclusive exterior styling cues. Houston Genesis G80 Sport can actually come up in the form of the complete makeover when it comes under the version of the Genesis.

Houston Genesis G80

The greatest luxury support with the vehicle

This can come up in the form of the first effort which can be adder to the luxury realm. The best part is that it is not much flashy; however, there is a styling which can be considered rather sedate, in line with all the other stuff that is available in the class. One can also choose to go well with the five trim levels, which can fall within the prices starting that can have a start right from $41,750 along with the 311-horsepower.


The support can be also increased with the front-drive V-6 model. The support Can be also based on the all-wheel drive. Genesis can also come up in the form of the new higher-end model which can have some of the maximum similarities in the feature with the G90. It can be considered as the full-size sedan which can fall within the price of $68,100. This is something which can also come with the same components, as well as is also inclusive of the optional 420-horsepower engine which can also available with the G80, and can be well built in the form of the new vehicle. The G80 can also come with the array of standard features as well as the best technology, which can also work well with the rear- or all-wheel kind of the drive.