Learn the basics of screen printing

Screen printing is a very interesting kind of printing that can be undertaken by anyone. Once you develop an interest, screen printing can actually be addicting because it provides a satisfying and beautiful end result that can be both artistic and appealing.

How screenprinting works

Screenprinting makes use of a mesh to transfer ink onto the printing surface while stopping the ink from certain areas by the use of an impermeable stencil thereby producing the desired design. A blade is then moved over the mesh or screen to fill the openings and pores.

Materials used in screenprinting

Screenprinting uses various materials. If you are a beginner you may need some more assistive materials. You can find a complete set for beginners at https://www.keygadgets.it/de/siebdruck-set.

The main materials you will require are a printing frame, screen frame clips, exposure lamp, a squeegee, coating trough, printing ink, a stripping agent, color spatula, gloves, Enfetter and some transparencies for lasers.

How to screenprint

If you are purchasing your screenprinting kit from https://www.keygadgets.it/de/siebdruck-set you don’t have to worry about the how-to’s much because their set comes with a guidebook that will help you through the whole procedure smoothly. Otherwise, you can follow the following steps and get great results.

Step 1- Get your screenprinting kit and all your stuff ready for work

Step 2- Create the image you want to print on your fabric or T-shirt and print it on the transparency

Step 3- Get your screen covered in emulsion by mixing sensitizer and emulsion as directed.

Step 4- Let the screen dry in a pitch black room for approximately two hours.

Step 5- Expose the image on the screen to light from the lamp for about 15 minutes until the image from the transparency is burned onto the screen.

Step 6- Clean the screen with cold water.

Step 7- Print the image onto the fabric by laying the screen onto the fabric, pouring some ink on one side and firmly moving the squeegee onto the screen from one side to another to evenly lay out the ink over the image.

Step8- Remove the cardboard and screen carefully.

Your printed fabric is ready.