Top 10 facts to know about catalytic converter recycling prices

A catalytic converter uses the catalysts to transform the car’s toxic gases into a harmless gas. It is asimple exhaust emission device. The main metals that are found inside the catalytic converter are platinum, palladium, and rhodium. The lifespan of the converter should be the same as the vehicle’s life span. To recycle the catalytic converter, one should take the vehicle to the car recycling center. Some time some center’s can pick up the vehicle from the customer’s location. Also, they may even supply the packaging material too. There is a different service station available for catalytic converter recycling. In this article, some of the facts about various catalytic converter recycling prices have been discussed.

Types of the catalytic converter

There are many types of catalytic converter available for recycling purposes. Some of them are:

  • Mixed catalytic converter scrap
  • Scrap converters (Large GM, small GM)
  • Scrap Converters (American pre-converter),
  • scrap converters (aftermarket),
  • scrap converters (foils / wraps),
  • Loose honeycomb material
  • Loose bead material

All the above-mentioned catalytic converters come with different price tags.By recycling the scrap catalytic converters one can save the planet. These converters use a variety of different precious metals, including – palladium,platinum,and rhodium. The overuse of these precious metals is not good for the environment.

Sum Up

Catalytic converters are a valuable part of any vehicle. So, one should choose the best one depending on the vehicle model, and price.