The 3 Important Things To Remember In Making A Cover Letter

A cover letter comes from the term “cover”, its a form of document that becomes this introduction letter to introduce once aim or goal. Cover letters are very popular with applications for the reason that it provides this introduction of an applicant besides what is written in their resume or curriculum vitae. While its optional in some applications, it cannot be denied that having one means having this some sort of an edge over the other applicants.

Even if it’s optional, there are companies that actually appreciate receiving applications with cover letters, because it provides this exclusivity and effort that not all applicants are willing to go to. The scary part is not the cover letter itself but how to make one. If you’re going to make a cover letter might as well get it right because a bad cover letter is worse than having no cover letter at all. If you want to be an admin assistant, there are some things things that you need to remember in creating a cover letter. So what makes a good cover letter?

It should be free from grammatical error: Writing is a skill that not everybody has developed over time. Even if that is the case, it still pays for your cover letter to be free from grammatical errors. While some recruiters will forgive a few grammatical errors, if almost everything in our letter is full of errors, your resume won’t even see the light of day. If your bad at grammar and its complicated rules, there are a ton of grammar checker software that you can use online, aside from that you do have some friends that should have a perfect grasp of English, they should be able to help you out.

It should be free from typo: While grammatical error can be forgiven, a typo is a deadly sin when you apply. It’s expected that your cover letter should be free from grammatical errors and typo. Don’t blame autocorrect for this because it’s still your job to proofread your work. A typo can be an honest mistake but it’s not going to help you especially if your applying for your dream job. The goal here is not to let the employers have the reason not to hire you because most of the time these are what these employers are thinking.

It should be KISS: When You do your cover letter, keep it with KISS (keep it short and simple). A short and simple cover letter help you avoid more mistakes in your letter, and more importantly, no one wants to read a two-page cover letter. Your cover letter should be short and concise. It should have everything that an employer needs, a good introduction to your resume and that’s it. Just keep it simple and everything will fall into place.

With so many job seekers nowadays for an admin assistant position, it’s kinda impossible not to have a competition for any job. This is why it’s important that you use any edge that you have in your arsenal in order to be picked and land a job. While cover letters are optional, its no denying that it’s indeed an edge that not all applicants are willing to take. Don’t be lazy like them and make a cover letter, but before you do, remember that it should be free from grammatical errors, it should be free from a typo and it should be KISS. If you want some samples or guide for your cover letter, visit and kknock yourself out!