Cheap Make-up: do or don’t?

There is a lot of fashion on the market and there are just as many cosmetics available. Gamiss, for example, offers a wide range of make-up that you can use for your face or body. You can read honest reviews of Gamiss here. Many girls – and even some men – feel inclined to buy some of the latest cosmetic products because they feel that they will be out of style of they don’t follow the latest make-up trends. But that doesn’t have to be the case. You just need to find the right kind of make-up that lasts for years and never goes out of style.

Go for Quality Make-up

Those cheap lipsticks and eyeliners may look pretty at the time, but they are fashionable items that won’t last very long. Cheaper products are often not the most durable and you will have to replace them sooner than would be the case with quality products. Another downside of cheap products is that they often feature colours of the season in such a way that they will be out of fashion next season. you will only be able to use them for a few months before you might feel the need to discard them. Quality products may be a bit more expensive but they have rich colours that will last for much longer. And, as a final remark about this subject: cheap make-up will make you seem trashy rather than classy. Find yourself a good balance between quality and price.

Natural Make-up

Make-up should like natural on your skin. Therefore, you should go for a foundation and bronzer that sticks close to your own skin colour. You can use some lipstick or eye shadow to emphasise your lips or eyes, but on a regular day, you should stick to only one of them and not overdo it. More is less than that is also the case with make-up: it should enhance your natural beauty and not disguise it. There is a reason why natural colours (skin colours) tend to last longer than flashy greens, yellows and purples: you won’t grow tired of them as easily. If you do want colour, go for the rich, natural range of those colours. Deep red, rich blue or forest green might suit you in combination with your clothes. Lime, bright primary colours and fluorescent colours will only be worn on certain occasions and are therefore not the kind of colours that you should pursue.

Matching Make-up and Clothescheap lipsticks and eyeliners

By matching your make-up with the clothes you wear, we don’t mean that you should wear yellow with yellow clothes or blues with blues or greens. What we mean is that certain colours of clothing, such as yellow dresses, red dresses or pink shirts, ask for a specific kind of make-up. We already mentioned the fact that you shouldn’t overdo it and should not emphasise both your eyes and lips. That is, even more, the case with yellow or pink clothes. These colours ask for modest, natural make-up. Red clothes are a bit more daring and therefore you could add some smoky eyes or deep red lips. Just make sure to balance it out.