Successful cooperation with an interior designer – a few tips

When arranging our own interiors, more and more often we decide to use the services of interior designers. A good interior designer not only can design a beautiful project of our flat but also take care of the proper implementation. But what to look for and how to start successful cooperation? Here are a few tips.

The first meeting with the interior designer

Finding a good interior designer is not a piece of cake (if you don’t know what to look for when choosing a designer, visit and find out what professional interior design service looks like). But when we have already completed the stage of searching for the person who will be responsible for arranging our flat, the project begins. Cooperation with an interior designer starts with a long conversation, during which he learns about our expectations, likes and dislikes, that will result in a functional and aesthetic interior in which we will feel comfortable. We should prepare for the first meeting with the interior designer by searching the Internet, catalogues and interior design magazines for examples of interiors that we like. We should consider which interiors we feel best in, and what colours we like being surrounded by.  Let us try to define the style in which we would like to arrange a flat. Are we closer to Scandinavian simplicity, vintage or glamour style? Let us think what bothers us in the current flat, what feels missing, what solutions suit us and what to do to make the space we live in as functional as possible. The meetings and consultations with the interior designer should take place in a stress-free, inspiring atmosphere that will allow us to discover the potential of our new flat. We should ask as many questions as possible, and not be afraid of confronting our ideas with the designer’s propositions. Good communication is the key to successful cooperation and a guarantee of a comfortable, nicely furnished flat.

interior design

Scope of work, deadlines

At the beginning of the cooperation, we should determine the scope of work. We should consider whether we need a detailed executive design, or we are looking for someone to create a general concept of our interior. A precise definition of individual stages and precise discussion of the scope of work will help us avoid later misunderstandings. If we care about a certain number of meetings with the interior designer at the construction site, it is worth determining the approximate number of meetings. The next step is setting deadlines. As with any cooperation, clearly setting a specific time frame will facilitate our cooperation. The scope of the project and deadlines for individual works should be included in the contract, which we sign with the interior designer.

Setting the budget

One of the basic questions that all interior designers would ask us at the beginning of the cooperation is the issue of the budget, which we want to spend on renovation and interior finishing. Precisely determining the amount that we can spend on interior design will help us to set priorities together. By establishing the budget, the interior designers are able to choose solutions and materials adapted to our funds and we will avoid disappointments.

When to start working with interior designers?

A good project needs time, so the sooner we decide to cooperate with one of the interior designers, the better. All decisions should be well thought out, so if, for example, we are just starting to build our dream house, it is already worth establishing cooperation with an interior designer. Before the construction works start, it is possible to adapt the electrical and hydraulic installations to our needs. We can freely create rooms and change the functional layout. Usually the arrangement of our house or flat will serve us for many years, so it is worth making decisions without time pressure. We should remember that a satisfactory final effect – a comfortable and beautiful flat – is the result of our cooperation with the interior designer.