Viral Posts Are They Fuelled By Emotions?

In the internet, you can find almost anything; from articles about celebrities to strange wedding cultures and everything in between. Don’t be surprised if you see posts like these once in awhile when you scroll through your Facebook newsfeed. It’s probably because these posts are viral and a lot of people are sharing them. Viral posts are those that grab people’s attention to the point that they share the post. All it takes is one share from the right person to start a chain reaction of shares. One can become an instant internet sensation overnight after going viral.

But what does it really take to become viral? Nobody really knows the recipe for a viral post. There are so many factors involved. You might find two similar topics on the internet but one is trending and the other’s not. Doesn’t make sense, right? The reasons behind a viral post and how it came to be is a mystery. A mystery you share to others, and that right there is how you become viral. Sharing the things that you felt were relatable to you in a post is what makes them viral. In turn, those who have seen your post and felt the same way will also share it. And it just goes on and on and on.

Sharing emotions

You shared a post because it spoke to you on an emotional level. You felt something after watching a video or reading an article; something familiar, something relatable. Whether the emotion might be happy or sad, you can relate to the post. This is one of the reasons why you shared the post in the first place.

Relatively Viral

Different people have a different understanding about achieving viral status. What may not be considered viral now, might have been viral in the past. Also, if you average around 10-15 likes a post and one suddenly hits the 200 or 300 mark, you can consider that post as viral. There is no actual gauge to measure just how many likes or shares a post needs in order to be called viral.

Popular platforms make it easier to become viral

Since almost everybody is on social media nowadays, the chances of your post getting viral in any of the platforms is relatively high. You just need that one guy to set the motion in action and the wheel spinning. A share from the right person with all the right connections makes it possible for your post to achieve viral status and gain you internet fame.

As for actually going viral, nobody really knows how it works. There are viral posts about cats, fail compilations, political arguments and standpoints, how-to videos, list articles (for example, 10 ways to reduce stress) and everything in between. Going viral is probably more about relating on a more emotional level than anything else. Anything that can incite an emotional response, whether positive or negative has a good chance of going viral.