Guide To Kent Ridge Park Condominium

Kent Ridge Hill Dwellings stands out from the crowd thanks to its unusual location on a hillside surrounded by lush foliage. The unique, residents-only entrance to kent ridge park condominium from inside the developer’s grounds could be the trump card that ignites Oxley’s new development into a league of its own.

Advantages include:

  • Kent Ridge Park is within walking distance

People can easily maximize their enjoyment in the high country with this extra comfort in today’s world, where time is a valuable and scarce commodity.

  • Entry to the city is easy

Singaporeans are realistic people, and most would not want to live in a secluded area far outside the magnificent seven

  • Kent Ridge Hill Homes has a positive feel

The “hillside backing sea facing” positioning of Kent Ridge Hill Homes is commonly regarded as optimistic and favourable.

  • Capital Gains Prospects

After the Marina Port and Marina South areas were transformed into the gleaming industrial and leisure destination today.

  • Kent Ridge Hill Residences welcomes your home to the best of nature

At Kent Ridge Hill Residences, there is plenty of room to go around.

  • High ceiling with high-end finishes

Despite its natural surroundings, each Kent Ridge Hill Residence unit’s interior is the embodiment of well-equipped modern-day home automation.

A natural environment – both inside and out:

Kent Ridge Hill Homes is poised to have been an element of nature, where the distinction between house and natural dwelling is blurred, taking the mick from the verdant green grass of the neighbouring wildlife sanctuary. Landscape architects Eco Plan used grasses, ferns and exotic plants, among other plant species, to carry the back-to-nature climate of Kent Ridge Hill Residences to life.

Kent Ridge Hill Residences provides a diverse range of housing options, from one- to three-bedroom flats, three- to five-bedroom penthouses, and strata landed terraces.