Top 3 Amenities to Look for When Searching for a New Apartment

Finding a new apartment for rent can be an exciting time. A new place gives you the opportunity to start with a blank canvas and arrange everything accordingly. Therefore, it’s very important to find a residential complex that feeds your new lifestyle (and this is something an apartment allocation service, such as Move For Free, takes very seriously). If you have found the perfect new roommate or are just moving out, make sure you pay attention to the details to get the best possible experience.

After many years of living in an apartment, these three details were at the top of my personal list when I wanted to make changes. Maybe they will inspire you to search for good one like Uptown at Farrer Low Keng Huat.

Wooden floorsUptown Farrer

Take it from someone who paid a lot of deposits (and who received very little), accidents happen. When they pass over the carpet, they are much more difficult to clean. I’m talking to you, people who just impulsively bought a puppy. Broken pens, spilled plants, nail polish and fallen food are visible on carpets in my apartments. Despite the fact that we tried all the cleaning methods offered by Google and Pinterest, sometimes, the stains do not come out. Wooden floors are the way to go, not only for the look but for function too! They can prevent you from losing large amounts of money on cleaning services.

Pool and Jacuzzi

When you browse online, you’re likely to skip the outdoor images. Of course, square meters and designs in your apartment are important, but they cannot note the advantages of a friendly open area for tenants, namely, a swimming pool and a jacuzzi. Grills, wide armchairs and a clear sky are important factors when evaluating a possible swimming pool. I found that even after school, at work, and in football, I spent at least two days a week in the pool. Even when it was colder, a hot bath was just right! It was a great place to relax or chat with friends. I even had a successful impromptu birthday party in the pool of my apartment.

Friendly training

Does the residential complex offer a gym? If not, are you near a jogging or cycling track? All this can save you money that you could spend on a costly visit to the gym. Many residential complexes have sports halls. Some of them are basic, and only offer a few treadmills or elliptical trainers, while others are fully equipped with sets of weights, yoga rooms and even tanning beds. As a broker, my favorite configuration was when my apartment was in reserve next door, where I could run at any time of the day or night.