What are cutting boards? Explain its uses in the kitchen.

Cutting is also known as the chopping board which is the essential equipment of the kitchen. It is a lasting board used to keep food material for cutting. It is the common utensil which is used in making food. The kitchen cutting boards are commonly made from plastic and wood that comes in different sizes. A good cutting board is made up of soft and smooth materials that are easy to clean. It must not be fragile. These boards are used to cut vegetables, fruits, cheese, sandwiches, etc. In the Japanese market, you can find cutting boards of three precious kinds of wood of super quality. These cutting boards are made from Hiba, Hinoki, and Akita Sugi wood. These cutting boards have a property of anti-bacterial that stops any infection. Hinoki cutting board is famous for its anti-bacterial and mold resistance properties that include a natural fragrance and knife protecting properties. There is a different kind of materials used to build cutting boards, these are:

  1. Wood: The most widely cutting boards are found in the kitchen are wood cutting boards. It has many advantages. It has an anti-septic natural property.
  2. Bamboo: These are the cutting boards that are used as an alternative of plastic and glass chopping boards.
  3. Plastic: They are built up from high- density polyethylene plastic. They can cut any kind of hard material without affecting knife sharpness.
  4. Glass: These cutting boards are easy to clean but damage the knives’ sharpness because of high hardness.