All About Sound System Of Oppo A53 And Camera

The Oppo a53 comes with a loudspeaker arrangement of the sound system in which the headset tilts like an optional speaker. it is almost as loud as the base terminating speaker. This is very unusual on the stretch and will undoubtedly help with a superior sound video experience while one is content in real-time on the cell phone.

CMR Report

Also, an ongoing CMR report recommended that shoppers be more concerned with ‘sound quality’, perhaps determined by the extra time customers spend at home in search of a more lively entertainment experience. So, if one is looking for a cell phone spending plan below Rs 15,000 with a speaker system, the Oppo a53 should be the choice.


Returning to the folded plastic back, the Oppo a53 has a reflective finish that reflects examples and slanted colours when light is poured on it. Oppo considers it an iridescent 3D wave plane. Another motivation for using a case is to ensure that the possibly irregular camera module does not let the phone hang from the camera.


The Oppo a53 has an array of three cameras at the rear with a 13 MP main camera sensor, a 2 MP large-scale focal point and a 2 MP depth sensor. At the cost, the incorporation of a super-wide camera would have been extraordinary considering the opposition’s offer. The camera is good for photo and social media lovers who often clicks pictures to fill up their social media accounts.